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A drive by shooting is under investigation in Wyoming County and the violence has folks in this Oceana a little neighborhood concerned.

"They just drove on by and pop, hit with a shot gun," a tenant in the Short’s mobile home park said.

Folks in the Shorts Mobile home park woke-up to a shocking sound on Monday morning.

Neighbors said around 6 Monday morning, a white SUV entered Short’s mobile park home. The SUV drove up the hill to the end of the park and turned around. As they came back down the hill they stopped at one trailer and unloaded 5 shots.

The bullets a red jeep parked in front of the home of Donald Justice. Justice showed 59 News crew the damage and several bullets blasted through the spare tire on the back of the jeep through to the front passenger side seat.

"It looks like a pistol right there, that ain’t no buck shot," one neighbor who didn’t want to be identified said.

Shotgun sells and wad casing are still on the ground. One neighbor agreed to speak with us on camera but didn’t want to give 59 News to give him his name. The neighbor said he was jolted out of bed by the thundering noise.

"We thought someone was breaking into our trailer," the neighbor said.

59 News asked, “how scary is that?”

"It is pretty scary but of course down in these parts you get used to it," the neighbor said.

He also explained this is the same mobile home park where a man attacked his girlfriend with an ax a month ago.

59 News reported back in March police said Tracy Stewart allegedly attacked Lenora Ellis with an ax at Short’s mobile park home in mid-March. Stewart has been charged with attempted murder and malicious wounding.

59 News was able to get an interview with the owner of the red jeep. His name is Donald Justice. 59 News asked Justice who he thought did this.

"I know exactly who did this, but I don’t want to press any charges or anything," Justice said. 59 News Reporter Lauren Hensley asked why he would not press charges.

Justice said, “Because they can do their thing and I will do mine and I am going to let this slide.”

Though Justice said he doesn’t want to press charges police are still calling this an open investigation.